Why we do it

It's all about guitar

The Guitar Breaks Experience

If you are looking for a guitar experience that gives you the time and space to eat, sleep and drink guitar, then Guitar Breaks can fulfil that wish.

Our Mission

At Guitar Breaks we are committed to supplying wonderful surroundings for guitarists to relax and explore their instrument and their playing more fully.

​We work locally, nationally and internationally to ensure our guitar community is connected at the highest possible level. We are committed to bringing this network into the heart of our community of guitarists.

Indulge your Passion

This is a great opportunity to relax and fully immerse yourself in days of discussion, experimentation, collaborative learning and discovery.

We’ll play, we’ll jam, we’ll hang out. We’ll talk a lot about gear and tone while developing discussions around anything from classic chord progressions to licks and phrases, soloing, rhythm, harmony… and plenty more besides.

You’ll go home refreshed, inspired and brimming with new ideas and insight for the next level on your tonal and playing journey.

At your pace

During your Guitar Breaks Event you will:

  • Discover new sounds
  • New equipment
  • Different approaches to guitar playing to help you take your playing to the next level
  • Meet like-minded guitarists​

Tips and Techniques up close

There will be plenty of time to pick the brains of our special guests as we discuss subjects including:

  • Generating a great tone
  • Setting out your equipment for the best results
  • Classic chord progressions
  • Blues soloing
  • Songs and solos
  • Rhythm and harmony
  • Anything else you would like to talk about!​

* We reserve the right to change, revise or update the itinerary without prior notice.

​Rest assured that any changes will be made to ensure the smooth running of your holiday and will not impact negatively on your experience.

Want to find out about Guitar Breaks?

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