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Here's what our guests have to say about Guitar Breaks

"I just wanted to email to say a big thank you again for the Brighton weekend, it was highly enjoyable and very inspiring. All very well organised and a well put together team of tutors as always. Also what a great bunch of people to hang out with for the weekend, it was a pleasure to have met everybody there from the the tutors and fellow attendees and staff, all great dudes and dudettes."

Barry B.

"I wanted to write to say thank you for the inspiration and awakening that Guitar Breaks has given me over the last two events. Music and guitar has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, but was hidden away at home.
More than anything, Guitar Breaks has connected me to the joy and fun of music. I've made solid friends who I speak to regularly and have met up with for concerts and to play. I'm very interested to see what comes next and to continue to support Guitar Breaks in the future."

Chris A.

"As I told you in Lippiano, I had a very, very good time with you and the teachers and the group. The best guitar workshop I ever been to! By far!

I would love to come back next year!"

Martin E.

"This is the best fun I've had with my clothes on!"

Tim F.

"The location, the friends, the inspiring tuition, the food and drink, the great music, jamming (when it was good), performing (even though I was sh*t). That I got to bed before 03:00 on only one day through exhaustion speaks volumes for the fun and laughter we had. I didn't want each day to end. Thankyou thankyou thankyou."

Haydn M.

"Thank you again for everything. It's no easy task to organise that many people, let alone musicians for 5 days! Was honestly one of the best times, if not the best I've ever had."

​Danny P.

"This was my birthday present for last year and Italy was always the choice over Brighton. I enjoyed so much last year that I was always coming back this year too. The people, the hotel/place. The chance to engage with pro musicians like Ariel & Matt. Particular highlight was having Mike on this one to provide structured technical knowledge from a teaching perspective."

Simon W.

"...Guitar Breaks has definitely helped boost my passion for this wonderful instrument, so huge thanks to you for that."

Will G.

More thoughts and feedback:

A: Excellent value. Top instruction by seasoned performers who are experts in their field, combined with relaxing environment and informal agenda made for a properly interactive and organic experience.​

​A: Yes. All of the “tutors” we’re accomplished and enthusiastic musicians. They were happy to share their knowledge and experiences. Sessions were at a pace that took account of the differing abilities of the class.

A: Guitar Breaks was really good value!! It was very inspiring for the future, the best to leave the same noodling-licks on the fretboard. 😉

A: Very good value. The opportunity to get up close and personal with these guys for a week was priceless.

A: Absolutely. The holiday alone would have been decent value, so having the lessons, tutorials etc, with the guys and yourself was amazing value overall.

A: Yes. Room, food, drinks, and good times included.

A: Excellent value. Being met at the airport and then having an all inclusive package meant that one could relax. The food was superb.

A: Yes, really good value for money. Great location, great company, great food and that’s before you include the brilliant tuition and itinerary.

A: So many great elements to the week that difficult to single out just one. I think what made this week really special was spending time with a group of likeminded people who all had the same passion for the guitar.

​A: A few things stood out. Firstly, Dan is a great tutor. He clearly knows loads and has a really natural way of explaining stuff. Second, I enjoyed the sessions in the afternoon when we played guitar. After years of bedroom playing, I found the smaller groups less intimidating than in the morning. Third, Pete is a fantastic “feel” player and showed how theory and technique only work if in the context of a song. Fourth, Mick was a helpful foil to ask the questions that some of us didn’t want to ask for fear of appearing stupid.

A: The guitar lessons with all the Background with the Music theory

A: The chill out/sing song after the gig. Hilarious and fun but all of it was amazing.

A: Good question! I’d say the live performance night of 1000 guitars! The performance and the hanging out with everyone afterwards. Was really great to see guys who are “bedroom players” get up and give it a go. That, for me, is what its all about!

A: Without a doubt the highlight was our show at the Bar. I believe that our time at Guitar Breaks would have been less memorable if we’d been unable to perform that night. Thankfully the rain subsided!!

A: Honestly it’s not possible to pick a favourite part: it was all fantastic . But I guess the gig in the local town square has to be right up there..! The structure was ideal: a 10am start. Theory until lunch . Split afternoon groups. I really enjoyed the balance of chat play and demonstration I’d also give a special mention to Dan, Mick and Pete. What great guys; they were so ‘committed’ to making it a great week. Clearly that’s their way, by which I mean their enthusiasm was so obviously genuine. And can they play..! Inspirational.. But I noticed that they ‘never flagged’ and I was really impressed by that. Another fortuitous side is that the group as a whole gelled so well. I also loved the international side to it. Plus, ALL the company was so amusing ! Finally, thank YOU Ian, for being so cool in quietly and calmly steering the boat.


A: Perfect.   Different in an unexpectedly wonderful way.

A: Great, great, great!

A: Spectacular location, scenery, weather and staff.

A: Really good. Location was superb. really, really relaxing.

A: The location was beautiful. The hotel was great and the food was excellent.

A: Wonderful location. Stunning views. But the main hotel was the highlight. Eating al fresco was great. The quality of the food was superb, especially lunch with all the veggie options. The all inclusive drinks policy was the other joy. The fact that the plentiful supply of chilled water never ran out was also appreciated. The hotel staff were a delight; relaxed, friendly. And great coffee…

A: Excellent. First class accommodation and location.

A: Just to say thanks for putting together a package that delivered everything I wanted. The tutors and other students are a great bunch of guys. I’m certain I’ll be seeing some of them again soon.

A: I am so glad I took the plunge and took a place on this course… The best value holiday I’ve had in years, plus I’ve plenty of great (and amusing) memories on the hard drive..! I’ve been inspired since returning and ( long overdue ) am getting stuck back into theory

A: I would like to thank you,  for everything!! You guys are really nice and I hope we stay in touch!!!

A: I think you all did a great job and we  lucked out with the group being so good! Hans is coming to London for the Joey Landreth gig 🙂 – says it all really.

A: Thanks for the memories!