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Guitar Breaks in Italy, Spring 2018 – The lowdown


Well, the Guitar Spring Break in Italy is now officially over and sufficed to say it was a pretty special week. We welcomed guitar players from all over Europe to our secret hideaway hotel, located on the Tuscany/Umbria border region of Italy. Plus we were delighted to welcome our special guest players, Ariel Posen and Chris Buck for the week. Here’s a breakdown of how things  went:

Day #1 was a doozy! After a long lazy dinner and perhaps a glass of wine on Sunday evening, the guitarists set straight to it first thing Monday. Topics covered included singing your solos, channelling your inner Hendrix and getting your guitars set up with local luthier Luigi Valenti. What’s not to love!?!

Day #2 and the guys had been knuckling down!  Starting with a brief recap of the day before, then straight into a Slide Session with Ariel and Better Blues with Chris. The afternoon was spent building the Pedalboard of Doom!

Day #3 and there was rhythm in the house. 
Focussing on developing great timing, groovy chordal playing and playing rhythm as lead. The day was capped off with a visit from Luca, Nicola and Roberto from Longstone and then a late evening sing-song!

Day #4 and morning was spent touristing around classic Tuscan hill towns. Then back to the hotel for some serious pre-gig rehearsing.
And then it was Live, Live, Live! Hitting the stage at Bar IL Pretino – Lippiano for an International Night of Guitar, with backing band Silvia Milli (vocals), Alessio Boncompagni (drums) and Andrea Matteaggi (bass).

A great night was had by all! !

Day #5 of Guitar Breaks and the last day of groovy guitar-related activity. 
A slow start to the day after the night before (!) The guys spent some time in small groups trading solos and comping chords. We were also delighted to welcome Chicco Bellini from Gurus Amps and Emilio Massari from Cornerstone. A total pedal fest!

Then finally just enough time for some photos in the sunshine before dinner, and then its all over for another Guitar Breaks.

Spending time with lovely people playing guitar. What’s not to love about that?

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