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Gurus Amps at Guitar Breaks – April 15-21


Guitar Breaks is delighted to welcome back Gurus Amps to the Spring Break in Italy.

Gurus Amps was born in 2012 by Chicco Bellini and Guglielmo Cicognani as a new brand with a clear mission: to spread Italian quality, innovation and design throughout the world.

Gurus now distributes its products to over 40 countries worldwide and are used by artists including:
Steve Lukather (Toto, Ringo Starr)
Joe Walsh (Eagles)
Phil Campbell (Motorhead)
Adrian Belew (K. Crimson, D.Bowie, Talking Heads, R.Sakamoto, F. Zappa) 
Phil X (J.Bon Jovi, The Drills)
David Ryan Harris (John Mayer)
Godfrey Townsend (Alan Parsons Project, J. Entwistle, J. Bruce) 

and there are more big names to be announced soon…….

With the Gurus ‘Boutique Series’, Chicco and Guglielmo accepted the challenge to make equipment capable of rewriting music history. Revisiting classic features, while using their skill and knowledge in design and manufacturing to bring their amps and pedals to even higher levels of quality and innovation.

The Gurus award-winning Echosex 2° is one of their flagship pedals, and Chicco tells us “it makes us proud to have returned to success the Italian name in the musical industry. Passion, Hard work, passion again. This is our recipe: Blood, Sweat and Tubes!”

You can join Gurus at Guitar Breaks in Italy, April 15-21. Visit now!