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Jack Ruch and Charlotte Hatherley


Jack Ruch and Charlotte Hatherley @ Guitar Breaks – Lippiano, Italy – Sept 19

Guitar BreaksLippiano, Italy

Five days of inspiration, guitar playing, relaxing, food and scenery in the green heart of Italy!

​We were delighted to be returning to the Villa Pia Hotel on the Tuscany – Umbria border, in Italy. Anyone who has joined us there for a workshop previously will tell you, there is a magic there…..

The week’s workshop were guided by Jack Ruch and Charlotte Hatherley and stuffed full of guitar!  During the week we focused on three particular areas:

– Your technique
– Your fretboard knowledge
– Your creativity

This part of Italy is absolutely perfect for focusing on your playing, on your tone and on growing your understanding of your instrument. A relaxed and focussed environment, with great food, lovely accommodation and space to think, play, jam and discuss with others.