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Joey Landreth @ Guitar Breaks


Joey Landreth @ Guitar Breaks – Oct ’21 – Timeless Tuscan Twang!

We were absolutely bloody delighted to spend a stunning week with the shockingly talented Joey Landreth at Guitar Breaks in Italy in October. And we were also happy as happy can be to be back at the Villa Pia hotel. Add to that the smoky good looks and serious chops of Mike Goodman and it’s reasonable to suggest we had the ingredients for a classic week. 

I think it is fair to say that Joey is a monster player, singer and songwriter. A true exponent of emotive guitar with a tone to make grown guitarists weep. We spent the week diving deep into chordal and melody structure and effective rhythm playing. Playing for the song, open tunings, slide guitar, gear, tone….. you name it, Joey covered it!

Moments to remember? There were too many, but the Thursday night gig is up there with the best. Dan from Dan Drive giving away one of his amazing pedals. Carlo from LAA Custom taking us through the tonal landscape of boost!!

All in all, an experience to be remembered and savoured. Thanks Joey!